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Philosophy -


Our vision sophisticated grasp of contemporary aesthetics conservation, open and innovative visual approach in this industry, we hope, is a keen focus on the aesthetics of fashion brand guide.


Knowledge of art is not highbrow, it is quite specific exist, we will integrate it into our lives, so that we can embrace the energy of the arts.


In addition to the connotation of the brand itself, under this rapidly changing society, the business itself must also have a very high capacity for innovation, advance with the times, to help us implement the idea, but also a commitment to consumers.

Brand Culture -

We believe that a truly aesthetic experience of space to be able to dialogue with your mind, and since ancient times, the development of the root causes of architectural style, are not perfect imitation of nature, especially the ancient far, all of the architectural forms are not avoid nature, the Creator embrace very lofty reverence and gratitude, but Plato is committed to classical aesthetics and natural integration with the popular and easy way into the space we live in, and in the baptism of time, and look forward to sensory or on our hearts, can dialogue with the space.

Allow consumers to make space for dialogue with the feelings of products, product quality, we have to do Qimian own highest standards in product quality, we placed the highest manufacturing technology and process, the color of each piece of tile, texture, intensity, color, and we are required to nearly fulfill the United States, on the material and items, as well as our constant pursuit of innovation, because talent is the main character in space.



Philosophy -

Ever since its establishment in 2000, Hiland Ceramics has been sticking to the principles of “ Concentration on original business operations, Professionalism on Homogenous Tiles, Expertise on R&D Production”. Hiland Ceramics has been marketing its own brand of “Huangshang Stone Porcelain tiles” to the markets at home and aboard in the two human-oriented themes of “Natural Stones” and “ Classic Wood”. It is hoped by replacing all the natural mineral stones and woods with technology materials to facilitate the philosophy of environmental sustainability. Top

Brand Story -

History -



Combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary technology

Cater to the development of the digital era, Prachanda ceramic Following the introduction of dry-type printing press in 2009, again in September 2010 to introduce a new generation of digital inkjet printers, the device is combined with the application of computer technology, he put the computer through a digital product design to the micron level video output glaze sprayed on the tile surface, exquisite vivid texture gradients complete presentation of the original physical style, this printing technology led tiles from the traditional screen printing low-resolution high-definition era into the future generations.

We find a clear market segmentation and positioning, "Stone" and "wood" product theme, then gradually developed from small and large and can be a combination of a series of construction tiles. Currently our product development will be sustainable development of the environment into the design concept of "natural stone" and "native wood" theme planning two categories tile products for a considerable amount of virgin material dilute Jane technological resources to find alternative materials, and calls for domestic consumers cherish the natural resources and reduce natural ore mining and timber harvesting. Uphold this philosophy, Prachanda ceramic production of the whole series, won by the first class audit by EPA Green Mark building materials / resource class brick building (in line with the effective recognition of green building materials); while the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs actively promoting the ceramic industry - Taiwan-made products MIT smile mark dual certification company.

Each year, tens of millions invested specializes updated style tiles, wear-resistant and stain currently dealt with by the most stringent standards for testing, has become the industry's best. Technology replaced with stone and wood tiles in natural resources, and is widely used in hotels, restaurants, commercial office, exhibition centers, department stores, home and other indoor places wall extending designed to allow the environment to create a European royal noble atmosphere. Launched in 2011 from Canyon, Travertine, the days are, culture stone, the Rhine, the sky, ladder and other computer digital inkjet printing tile products, materials, low water absorption, high bending of quartz tiles, relatives of design integration the natural stone and native trees, flowers and totem with European groups. Rhine series also won the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, organized in 2011 6th Exhibition of New Ceramic creative life of "the beauty of Creative Award", while invited to attend the "Taiwan Ceramics brand" century classic exhibition.



Manufacturing Production Process -

Advanced Equipment -

Quartz sands turned into Green Bodies with High Pressure Molding. Shaped green bodies into Drying Process. Shaped green bodies into Drying Process.
Green Bodies into Enameling Process. Applying color glaze on Green Bodies with digital ink jet printing. Green Bodies into Automatic Storage System and sequenced by computer for kilning.
Green Bodies into Kilning Process. Automatic Temperature –Setting Kilning Area. Automatic Temperature –Setting Kilning Area.
Mid-large scaled tiles for edge alignment and polishing process. Mid-large scaled tiles for edge alignment and polishing process. 最終品質檢測確認產品品質,並且實行包裝出貨作業



Quality Certification -

  • BSMI Mark Certificate

  • BSMI Mark Certificate

  • BSMI Mark Certificate

  • ISO 9001 BSMI

  • Certificate of Registration

  • Green Mark Certificate

  • MIT Smile Logo Certificate

  • Green Building Label Certificate